Friday, May 22, 2015

Don’t Miss Spring!

Since I’ve been travelling around the country quite about over the first part of the year it has been interesting to notice the different “start times” for spring.  In Oregon we are right in the mix; the early season blubs are long gone and tulips finishing up.  The blue iris along the front of the yard are going strong.  Roses are budded out and just started to explode with their color.  My first peony opened with amazing splendor and everything is green of course…it’s Oregon.

In California many of the roses are nearing their second bloom and it seems like I’ve been catching wildflowers on display for months.  Traveling through Michigan, Ohio and Indiana over the past few weeks and many of the trees are still struggling to leaf out.  This, of course, is natural…they are not all in sunny Southern California after all.

But before you know it spring will be gone and we will be thinking about summer plants and landscapes.  Let’s agree that we won’t miss spring this year.  We need to spend some time in public gardens, parks and even our own yards before it is too late and we miss some great expression of nature, forcing us to wait another year for the show.  So grab those cameras and venture out.  Find some pleasing subjects along with great light and click away. 

Try something new with your equipment as well.  Try using a tripod.  Not only will it hold your camera still, but it also forces you to slow down and better frame your images.  Get your camera closer to the ground for a different background perspective.  If spring is going to give us all of this color and great subjects the least we can do is stretch our creativity a bit.

Here are a few images I’ve captured in the garden recently.  Even if you walk outside with the intent to take a few frames and come back empty handed (like I frequently do) at least we can enjoy the outdoors for a moment.

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