Monday, April 6, 2015

First Images for Oregon State Parks

We were able to find an opening in the weather this weekend to venture out among the ferns and early blooming trillium at Silver Falls State Park for our first “official” photos for Oregon State Parks and Recreation.  We are very fortunate to have this gem of a park close to home.  The numerous falls may be the main attraction but there is so much else to this park, one of which is mountain biking.

My son and I opted for the gentler road at the 214 trailhead due to the recent rains.  This wide dirt lane has plenty of room for multiple trail users, including equestrians and families, and is a nice climb on a mountain bike as it skirts the forested hills and meadows.  Later we explored the upper part of the single track which is amazing!  Imagine rolling through fern covered hills under tall conifers on the type of dirt that is nearly silent under your tires as you take in the scent that is only found in forests like this.  This image is of my son on the 214 trail on his new bike.

One thing to remember when photographing in a forest is lighting is critical.  If you are seeking overall even tones then you hope the sun decides to hide behind some clouds for a moment, like it did here.  If the sun is out then you may have the option to look for something dramatic, such as streaks of light bending around trunks of trees.  Due to the high contrast, overall landscapes will often not photograph well.

For more information about Silver Falls State Park visit the Web site by clicking here:
Silver Falls State Park
In addition to a trail that leads behind the 177 foot drop of South Falls, the park offers camping, swimming and numerous options for day use activities.

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