Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inland Empire Museum of Art

There is a new player in Southern California’s Inland Empire art scene.  The Inland Empire Museum of Art is now at the table and showing her hand, featuring a full house of artworks.  The permanent collection begins a run at the Millard Sheets Art Center at the Fairplex in Pomona beginning this weekend.  The free opening reception is Sunday, April 12th from 2:30pm – 5:00pm.

The exhibit, Contemporary Art from California’s Inland Empire and Beyond, features over 175 works from more than 120 artists.  To see more information about the exhibit and opening reception click HERE.

I’m honored to have two of my pieces in this diverse collection, one of which will be on display for this exhibit.  The above image (click on the photo for a larger view) was captured in the Monument Valley region, where sweeping desert visas surround you while driving long, sometimes lonely stretches of highway.  Often you find roadside stands operated by local Native Americans selling a variety of creative works.  The contrast of “OPEN” yet empty caused me to jump on the brakes and set up a shot.

Using wide angle lenses is often a matter of finding, framing and composing an image that only includes enough and not too much.  Fortunately I was able to use the desolation of the environment as an advantage for this image.  When working with photographers over the years I have found that wide angle lenses (approximately 28mm or wider on a full frame or film camera or about 18mm on typical cropped framed sensors) often present challenges. We tend to get too much in the frame and, even with a great subject, the essence of what we were trying to capture is lost.

Wide angle lenses can be great for certain subjects but watch what is going on with the rest of your frame.  Check the edges of the viewfinder and the background before squeezing the shutter.  A tripod can be a good friend for moments like this. 

For more information about the Inland Empire Museum of Art visit the Web site at  I’m looking forward to attending the opening reception – hope you can make it as well!

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